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I’m Nicholas Tyler Freeman

I am a man of many skills. I am a Musician, Audio Engineer, WordPress Web Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Worship Leader, and a Communications Coordinator.

About Me

I love the creative side of music (songwriting, performance) but I have an equal love of the technical side of the profession—the production of high-quality sound. I bring real-world experience to the table. I was taught my craft by industry professionals who had worked in Los Angeles where they created music for Warner Bros., among others. The insights into the music industry they provided, increased my skills to a higher degree. I am Pro Tools Certified and have worked on an AVID C24 and Yamaha M7CL. The various positions I have filled in music production, have allowed me to develop a keen sense of what it takes to make a recording that is technically sound but also includes that spark.

I am upbeat, dedicated, self-motivated, and a team player, still following the advice given to me in kindergarten to play well with others.

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I have great hearing! I have used my skill at listening to record instruments and vocals as a Sound Engineer and as an Audio Technician. To learn more, click the See My Experience button for my résumé.

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My skill set is strong, and unique, having worked in many facets of music and music production. I am flexible and able to work in multiple music production disciplines.

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I attended St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, receiving Pro Tools Certification from the Music Industry and Recording Arts (MIRA) program.

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